Fragrance of the Sunnah

Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH) is the best illustration for the Muslims. On the off chance that you will take after his everything Sunnah then your life will be idealistic, and Allah will remunerate you such a great amount of and with the other hand you will pick up so much not just in this world, and additionally in the other word intends to state many. Muslims true and life will be begun many. Where he eat the product of his deeds. This is required for the Muslims that he need to execute the Sunnah of the prophet on his life. There is some best Sunnah of the considerable prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH) which is imperative for the Muslims. At the point when the Muslims go for hajj and Umrah with the bundles like Family Umrah Deal with Luxury Hotels. The principal Sunnah which will lead the reward is that to have a shower on a Friday in light of the fact that the considerable prophet cleans up upon the arrival of the Friday. At that point apply some scent on the grounds that He apply tithe man who keeps a whiskers that are one clench hand long like the Sunnah then they tail it they will be most joyful individuals upon the arrival of the judgment .prophet like the general population who bashful and keep care of themselves from the wickedness and the gaze on the ground while strolling. The best Sunnah of the prophet is the delicate and delicate touch of the dialect and his high ethics. So the individual who is to talk delicately and amiably will win the world. The general population and the devotees who demonstrate the kindness and regard the senior citizens and guardians will enchant Allah and his prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH).To indicate benevolence to on the creatures and old individuals. There is another best Sunnah of the prophet is that when somebody became ill he went to meet them and said that petition God for that wiped out individual, and approach him to appeal to God for you. Continuously attempt to offer respect to the visitor and afterward, Allah will satisfy you with the favors. On the off chance that you follow the Sunnah of the prophet your life will be best.

Preaching of the Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) is the great prophet. Allah chooses him for the betterment of the humanity. Manhood needs the prophet at that time because all the humanity is indulged in the dark. They need a change, they want something that civilized. Then Allah chooses the messenger in the orphan of the prophet Ishmael(PBUH) who was chosen for the sacrifices. Yes, He was the Prophet and till now we celebrate the Sunnah of his father Ibrahim(PBUH). Our great prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) start preaching when Allah order him and then all the dark night was gone and very one is entering Islam with slow and steady. In his time, there are so many miracles which are the proof that he is the most important messenger of the Lord and he was the one who is chosen by the Allah and when he said and asked people that worship when God and he are the only one. Your idols are useless and they don’t have the ability to give anything. This is not the religion of Moses and this not religion of the Ibrahim and this is not a religion of Jesus. When he was preaching, there are so many miracles when he did that and this is the proof that He is the real prophet of the Allah who come for the preaching of the God and who come to show the right path to the world. Once Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) was sitting with his companions. One black man who was the hunter and he hunted the lizard. At that time the Arabic people eat that lizard. He said that If you are the real prophet so if my dead lizard said that you are the real prophet(PBUH) then I will accept then Prophet said from the Lizard. She awoke and said what day how my fate is blessed that you call me. You are the messenger who remembers your nation on the day of the restoration and he is the messenger of Allah I testify all were quiet and the black man accepted the Islam. Muslims all over the world come for the hajj and Umrah with the package Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah offer in UK Holidays with Luxury Hotels 2017.

Healing from the Kaaba

Makkah and Madinah is the holy land where you can set your heart and you will love these lands. I remember the time when I went for the Umrah. It was holy journey for me. I went there for blessing. I was very sick and I was tired from life. This was very terrible process for me when I was in hospital and process was going on. At one place, I was just disappointed from the life then my friend come to visit me and he said why you are not going to the Kaaba for the umarh. You will feel better and its will be peace full for you. When Your lord is agreeing with you and he will heal you and he will provide you the comforts. Then he said and recite the supplication he said that O Lord of the persons you are the best, please remove this pain and treatment it, you are the one who treatments and there is no one also You who can cure You are grant such an action that no illness leftovers. Then he said I am going for the umarh lets join me and then we acquire the Best 5- star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages in October With Luxury Hotels 2017 which is included with all type of things like best services and then we reached the airport. So, our holy journey get started I was very excited with my friend to reached this journey. Then the time come and we reach our best place the home of Allah. when I reached, their I feel like my all pains are removing now and I am feeling so light and happy. What a cure and what relief. This is the true saying that your all wounds will be heal with the greetings of the great Allah. When I have done my tawaf and then I realize so much happiness and when I was at mosque of the Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa (PBUH) I feel cure and all healings from the site of the God. When I come back I was totally perfect and that is the miracle when you love your lord he will cure you in any cost.

Factual Pleasure and Armistice for the Soul

There are a lot of things we do for our peace but sometimes we failed. Our peace is only in the way of Islam and our real happiness comes when we love our religion and lord. Sometimes we did a lot of things to make better our future one day we will die all the things remain there but the good deeds and your best attitude with others remain the same. This is the true saying of the Islam. Islam teaches us the moral of peacetime and love. Humility is the main theme of the Islam. There was a time in my life when I was in so much stress and I don’t know what to do. I was so far from the religion. Then my father said to me that you have to go for the trip which prevents some peace in your life. I said to him what you mean he said go and perform Umrah meet your lord home and adore him and his Great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa (PBUH). In Quran, Allah said your peace is in remembrance of I deiced to go. Who stay away from the God they will be far from the peace its true. I search tickets and packages so I found the package Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah Tour in Public Holidays with Luxury Hotels 2017. They told me It has many things what we I reached Makkah on the spell. I was under the spell of peace and dignity. yes, at that time I was in the golden heaven on the earth Makkah. I was crying I feel that time all the anxiety all the disturbance was now far from me and peace was only in my heart. Yes, this s truth when you are in the land of the legends you will be in Quran, Allah said you have to believe me and my messengers Muhammad e Mustafa and this will be the best for you on the day of you want peace to go for it.

Prophets are Alive in the Grave

Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) is the example and symbol of the Love and integrity and an indisputable success of your life. Allah send many prophets and prophethood continued till the Allah think that he has to send the Prophet then he sends the last prophet Muhammad e Mustafa for the betterment of the humanity. Because if everywhere is dark then one day it will be the day and light of the day will come which is the name our last prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH). When Muslims go for hajj and umrah with the packages after the visit of the holy mosque they come with the Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages in Easter Holidays with Luxury Hotels 2017 After that they walk through to the prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) mosque and they send salvation to the prophet in front of his grave which is tomb of him and he replies he listen. Prophets are alive in their graves. We can say that when our beloved prophet Muhamad e Mustafa(PBUH) went on the journey of the area then all the prophets offer prayer on their graves behind him. This is the truth the prophets are alive in the graves. Allah is the lord he said in Quran he gave the birth he gave the death and again he will birth you on the day of judgment. when a human died bad person, who commit sins and then torment will start then their soul will be returning from the skies. When human died, their spirit will be gone on the place which is called rooh-al-barzakh and Allah sends it back to the grave. so, he can do anything he has all abilities. Prophets are alive and pray. In Quran, its mention that martyred are alive in the grave and I am the god who will give them food and don’t call them dead. Yes, then the prophets have the higher rank from them and this is the truth.

Lack of Unity in Muslims Ummah

Islam was the leader in the past. There are so many things which Muslims have done in the past. Islam was on the peak. That’s the time when the brightness of Islam was on the peak. Muslims live in unity and peace. This is called oneness and the time of prophet Muhammad Mustafa(PBUH) all are together lived happily and after the period of prophet death his four caliphs the state very well they conquered all the surrounding and Islam was spreading on a High motive at that time. Everything was best at the time education health political and judiciary things all were set at that time. Nowadays Muslims societies and Muslims are towards the collapse everywhere Muslims are dying murder. There is no unity in Muslims. beliefs of the Muslims are so poor because they forget Quran and Sunnah. In Quran Allah said and grip fast, all composed, by the rope which God (stretches out for you), and be not alienated among yourselves; and reminisce with gratitude God’s favor on you and for ye were adversaries and He joined your emotions in love, so that by His Elegance, ye developed friends and ye were on the advantage of the pit of Fire, and He exposed you from it. There are so many hadith related to unity. The prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) said to be united be one state. Be careful of doubt, for doubt is the worst of false tales. and do not look for the others’ responsibilities, and do not do espionage on one another, and do not replication and O, Allah’s worshipers! Be the event of hajj and Umrah Muslims come and perform all things united with the packages Islamic pilgrimage services from London for Muslims but when they back they forget the things related to Quran and unity.

Famous supplications of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa(PBHU)

Our prophet is the example of dignity love and peace. He teaches us how to live your life. how you can settle your life in a right way. He lived in Makkah and Madinah. He starts his preaching in Makkah then migrated towards Madinah. He is the love for mankind. When the day or judgment will come. Everybody is crying for his self but he is the only one said these words Ummati Ummati. O God please save my ummah from the destruction of hell. He is the kind man amongst the man on the earth. He is a beloved Prophet of Muslims. Muslim go for the journey of Makkah and Madinah for the purpose of Hajj and Umarh in different ways like people from the region of United Kingdom get the visa and other things from Islamic pilgrimage services from UK for Muslims.

  • The messenger of Allah makes supplications he usually said, O Allah! to You I yield, in You I settle my faith, in You I rest my faith, to You I turn in remorse and with Your Help I struggle my opponents and from You I seek presiding judge. O, Allah! Funding me forgiveness for the faults which I made in previous and those ones I may pledge in the future, persons which I devoted covertly or flexible. You By yourself send whomever You will paradise, and You Unaccompanied send whomever You will to Hell-fire. There is none worthy of adoration excluding You.
  • O, Allah! I seek to preserve in You from the harms of my range, the evils of my seeing, the evils of my tongue, the Satan of my heart and the ills of passions.
  • O, Allah! I pursue shelter in you from sickness, irrationality, leprosy and evil illnesses.
  • O, Allah! I pursue protection in You from hunger and surely, it is the vilest companion. And I pursue refuge in You from treason; surely, it is a bad internal mannerism.

Natural Reasons That Affects Legal Capacity

These are several causes that are not in control of man. Here we will discuss some natural causes that strongly affect legal capacity.
Minority is the condition or state of a human being before puberty and after birth. The situation of a minor for his acts from the legal point of opinion is the similar in Islamic law as in English law. The performances of minor may be discussed under the following heads. A minor can enter into financial transactions, through his custodian if it is for his advantage. He is also answerable to any damage caused to another’s possessions, and for the preservation of the wives and near relations. A minor cannot be penalized for his actions which turn into offences. The worships are not mandatory on the minor.  It means he cannot perform namaz, zakat and Hajj. He even cannot avail Islamic pilgrimage services from London for Muslims. He is not obliged to perform deeds of worship.

The legal capacity of a senseless person excluding as to actions done in lucid intermissions is affected in the same way as that of an infant without discernment. He has no obligation for punishments or worships and all his contacts are annulled. An idiot is a person who is disordered in his speech and speaks sometimes like a functional man and some-times like a Mad. He can be allowed by his protector to assume some dealings. Since man has no authority over sleep and cannot use his minds during state of sleep, consequently he would not be lawfully, accountable, e. g. If a man falls over on a child in sleep and murders him, there is no obligation for punishment. This is a condition of lack of memory which is brought about by nature. A man is not accountable in the substances of right of Allah e. g. eating during fast. Nonetheless he is surely accountable in the matters of right of men e. g. if he produces injury to another person by violating a private right, his lawful capacity will be considered to be unbroken.

Views of Muslim Thinkers About Justice

Political thinkers and Jurists of Islam like Al-Ghazzali, Nizam-ul-Mulk and Abir’-Rabi, have given a complete and comprehensive system of justice. In the opinion of Ibn Abir’–Rabi, it is the correctness of all deeds and is based on pleased means between the animal nature and the thinking faculty in man. Furthermore, it means putting anything in its deserved and proper place and providing everyone his due. Establishment and administration of justice is duty of government. This duty is superior to other functions of government. Position of Qadhi plays an integral role in the dispersion of justice. Thus, qualification of a Qadhi is an important in the system of justice. Here we are sharing ideas of Ibn Ab’r-Rabi about qualification of Qadhi. He says that Judge must be God-fearing coupled with an honourable character. Judge must have sound common sense and be conversant with the best of jurisdictional literature. He should bear a categorically flawless character.


He must not give judgments before he is satisfied that full proof has been presented before him nor err in his verdict when sufficient witness has been given. He should be courageous in giving what is due and right. He should not take any present nor take any recommendation. He should not ever ask any party to do him any preference. He should take great care to defend the possessions of the orphans. He should not ever meet any party in private.


We can say that real justice was dealing with the juniors or inferiors like a father, with elders like a son and with contemporaries like a brother and to give punishment only according to the wrong done and the power to tolerate it. So, keeping in mind above example, we can say that during traveling towards holy places of Makkah or Medina for Hajj via Islamic pilgrimage services in UK, we must ensure or fulfil all basic requirements of justice and fairness particularly during dealing with different flights and hajj packages.