Famous supplications of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa(PBHU)

Our prophet is the example of dignity love and peace. He teaches us how to live your life. how you can settle your life in a right way. He lived in Makkah and Madinah. He starts his preaching in Makkah then migrated towards Madinah. He is the love for mankind. When the day or judgment will come. Everybody is crying for his self but he is the only one said these words Ummati Ummati. O God please save my ummah from the destruction of hell. He is the kind man amongst the man on the earth. He is a beloved Prophet of Muslims. Muslim go for the journey of Makkah and Madinah for the purpose of Hajj and Umarh in different ways like people from the region of United Kingdom get the visa and other things from Islamic pilgrimage services from UK for Muslims.

  • The messenger of Allah makes supplications he usually said, O Allah! to You I yield, in You I settle my faith, in You I rest my faith, to You I turn in remorse and with Your Help I struggle my opponents and from You I seek presiding judge. O, Allah! Funding me forgiveness for the faults which I made in previous and those ones I may pledge in the future, persons which I devoted covertly or flexible. You By yourself send whomever You will paradise, and You Unaccompanied send whomever You will to Hell-fire. There is none worthy of adoration excluding You.
  • O, Allah! I seek to preserve in You from the harms of my range, the evils of my seeing, the evils of my tongue, the Satan of my heart and the ills of passions.
  • O, Allah! I pursue shelter in you from sickness, irrationality, leprosy and evil illnesses.
  • O, Allah! I pursue protection in You from hunger and surely, it is the vilest companion. And I pursue refuge in You from treason; surely, it is a bad internal mannerism.
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