Prophets are Alive in the Grave

Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) is the example and symbol of the Love and integrity and an indisputable success of your life. Allah send many prophets and prophethood continued till the Allah think that he has to send the Prophet then he sends the last prophet Muhammad e Mustafa for the betterment of the humanity. Because if everywhere is dark then one day it will be the day and light of the day will come which is the name our last prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH). When Muslims go for hajj and umrah with the packages after the visit of the holy mosque they come with the Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages in Easter Holidays with Luxury Hotels 2017 After that they walk through to the prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) mosque and they send salvation to the prophet in front of his grave which is tomb of him and he replies he listen. Prophets are alive in their graves. We can say that when our beloved prophet Muhamad e Mustafa(PBUH) went on the journey of the area then all the prophets offer prayer on their graves behind him. This is the truth the prophets are alive in the graves. Allah is the lord he said in Quran he gave the birth he gave the death and again he will birth you on the day of judgment. when a human died bad person, who commit sins and then torment will start then their soul will be returning from the skies. When human died, their spirit will be gone on the place which is called rooh-al-barzakh and Allah sends it back to the grave. so, he can do anything he has all abilities. Prophets are alive and pray. In Quran, its mention that martyred are alive in the grave and I am the god who will give them food and don’t call them dead. Yes, then the prophets have the higher rank from them and this is the truth.

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